Monday, January 10, 2011

New Year's Post

It is lame for me to make New Year's resolutions a week into January?

Yeah, probably.

Either way, resolutions seem so final, which is perhaps why people rarely follow through with them. So here are a few of my plans for 2011 - and the nice thing is, plans can change.

In 2011, I plan to:
  • Update my website more often. Hence this post. I know I've been slacking for the last few months.
  • Learn Unity. Like, really learn it, and not just keep saying I will. The makers of the Unity 3D engine had a contest where they'll give a Pro license to 4 winners to create an idea they tweeted about. I doubt I'll win, but it's still a noble goal. I was even a little reluctant to share - afraid someone would steal my multi-million dollar idea, of course - but since it's now a matter of public record, here it is.
  • Make a game I can share. The machinations for this one have already begun, which I will outline shortly. I want something tangible and recent, and not just half-baked game jam games or inaccessible student projects.
  • Continue being awesome.
  • ...okay, plan to BECOME awesome.
That's good enough to start with, don't you think?

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