Tuesday, October 13, 2009

New Job Achieved!

It's been three years since I was laid off from my factory job. Three years since I decided to refocus my life and get back to working towards a career - not a job that was just a paycheck. Three years since I made the commitment to follow my dreams.

And now, I am at the threshold of achieving those goals.

As previously mentioned, a couple weeks ago I had a phone interview with Demiurge Studios concerning a QA tester position. Well, the short of it is, I didn't get that job. But, you don't close a door without opening a window (or something like that), and I discovered another QA testing job, this time at Quick Hit, Inc. I previously applied there for a programming position, and so I had a connection with someone already there. So, I asked to pass along my resume.

A couple whirlwind weeks later, and now I've landed the job of QA Tester at Quick Hit!

There are some provisions, however. This is a temporary contract, but that's to be expected with most QA jobs. And QA isn't precisely what I wanted to get into. But, the important things to note are that
  • QA is a very popular way to break into the game industry,
  • my background in programming lends itself very well to QA in regards to close attention to detail, being able to find and diagnose problems, and in a more direct sense, as part of my job will entail writing automation scripts,
  • I might come to find I enjoy QA,
  • this is giving me the industry experience I'll need later on to get a more permanent job,
  • and perhaps most importantly, I'm being paid to work at a videogame company.
As I write this, I've only worked one full day. It's been a little bit crazy, since I'm being subjected to a baptism by fire. I'm jumping right into a busy schedule while I haven't quite gotten my bearings yet. But, it's only the beginning. Perhaps more details to come (if I'm even allowed to give them).